Bug in your PHPBB

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Bug in your PHPBB

Postby NoseyNick » 26 Nov 2009, 22:40

Not a bug in KeePassX itself, but in your phpBB.
When you register on http://www.keepassx.org/forum, the activation email has a header-from of "keepassx@gmail.com" but an envelope-from of "wwwrun@keepassx.org".
wwwrun@keepassx.org is an invalid email address, meaning:
1) If activation emails bounce, nobody will ever know, and
2) Servers that verify senders will refuse to accept your activation emails.

>>> MAIL From:<>
<<< 250 2.1.0 Ok
>>> RCPT To:<wwwrun@keepassx.org>
<<< 554 5.7.1 <wwwrun@keepassx.org>: Relay access denied
5.7.1 <wwwrun@keepassx.org>: Relay access denied


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